The BLUMENAU administrative building is the best solution for your new headquarters. The unique location with comprehensive transport links and proximity to nature is a huge added value of the project. The whole project consists of the administrative building itself, complemented by its own parking house. The location of the administrative building combines convenient proximity to the city center with good transport links to all directions out of the city.

13 Floors
5 030 m2 Office spaces
136 Parking spaces


The excellent location of the BLUMENAU administrative building within the dynamically developing business zone in Patrónka will delight you and your clients.

The BLUMENAU administrative building is designed with a view of all the world sides. Anyhow you choose to organize your future premises, you will always get the best lighting conditions for work, meetings or a comfortable rest from work.

24-hour entry area with nonstop reception in an exclusive standard helps build your new representative office.

The whole house, including the parking house, is monitored by a camera system.

Site map

Independent disposition

  • Possibility of variable office arrangement
  • High standard of common areas
  • Quality daytime lighting from every side
  • Dust-absorbing high-quality carpets
  • Sound absorbing acoustic ceilings in corridors and offices

Clearance Height 2.9 m

Openable Windows

Interior Venetian Blinds

Structured Cabling

Heating/cooling system

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Customized space

Each typical floor has a layout designed to allow all future tenants to customize their premises. On each floor, you can create separate office cells, linked offices but also open space rooms. Natural daylight flows into the interior from every side.

Ground floor equipment

One whole floor is available for each tenant:

  • A generous and luxuriously furnished meeting room of up to 70 m2
  • Shared dressing rooms and showers
  • Modern café and terrace
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Work by play

Modern office spaces include, in addition to space for work and meetings, rest zones for employees. Thanks to the possibility of variable space arrangement on each floor, you can create such zones in your new office as well. Underground parking within the parking house provides a large number of parking spaces for bicycles with the option of charging electric bicycles.

Underground Parking